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We find ourselves in a world bogged down in technology trying to serve quick answers to tough questions. This is not sustainable and needs to change. In fact, it’s already happening, and Experience Design will pioneer this transformation. Aga Szostek and Werner Puchert are going beyond today to explore ‘Design’ of tomorrow. Join them as they Catch the Next Wave.

S3.E4. David Bassuk. The Ultimate Way of Engaging The Audience.
Have you ever thought why does the traditional advertisement never work anymore? And even further – is there a way to make it work again? In this incredible conversation with David Bassuk – the performance professor at the Purchase College in NYC, we investigate the world of transmedia, gameplay and immersiveness as the future of engaging with the audience before, during and after an event or service launch. Last but not least, we look into how theater and play has changed over time and…

Transmedia & Performance


o Purpose and language of storytelling across platforms
o Response and involvement of audiences
o How to develop stories and create a story universe across multiple platforms
o How to adapt traditional storytelling techniques to transmedia storytelling.
o Building an Audience of Co-Creators and Donors unfolds new opportunities of audience engagement and in the process, considers how audience/subscribers might contribute to the evolution of the work and mission of the companies and projects.
o Audience building and engagement using social media tools.
o New marketing & distribution models- an exploration of a variety of new platforms, revenue models and direct-to-consumer models – compared against the traditional methods of sales and distribution.


“Transmedia Narrative”can be described as storytelling across multiple forms of media and platforms, with each story chunk making distinctive contributions to the audience’s understanding of the story world. The course will combine transmedia narrative with a study of “Immersive and Interactive performance,”that deploy environments, engulf spectators and create participants.



Educator & consulatant in  cross-platform storytelling